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UA99A thermal camera with PC USB interface

Miniature thermal imaging camera with USB interface UA99A infrared cameras are designed for stationary thermography providing an excellent price/performance ratio. These thermal imaging cameras are connected via USB 2.0 to a computer and are promptly ready for use.

UYIGAO UA99A Infrared Thermal Imager Handheld Thermometer Imaging Camera Thermal Imaging Device Portable Thermal Imager -20°C to 380°C with PC USB interface

This is an infrared thermal imager that combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. The traditional thermal imaging camera needs to measure each component one by one, while this instrument does not need to. Therefore, it helps to save your time. Even the potential problems can be clearly displayed on the color screen which helps users quickly locate the central point to measure cursor and temperature.  


TFT Full View Color Screen: potential problems can be clearly display on the color display screen, which help to locate the center point to measure the cursor and temperature quickly and accurately.
Resolution of Infrared Image/Visible Image: 1089 pixels/300,000 pixels.
Time Saving: Dual MCU processors, combine the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging, refresh faster, no need to measure each component one by one.
mixed Imaging of Visual and Infrared Images: equipped with a vision camera to improve recognition, which turn thermal image into visual image, quickly find out the problem area.
Images Capture Saved in Storage Card: thermal image and visual image can be stored in the dismountable memory card(NOT included) for generating reports and printing.
Selectable Color Palette: ink color, black and white, rainbow color, ocean blue, iron red.
Hot/Cold Spot Marked: hot and cold point temperature markers guide users to the areas with the highest and lowest temperature in the thermal image.


Material: ABS
Temperature Range: -20~380°C / -4~716

Accuracy: >0°C, ±2% or reading ±2°C/3.6
; <0°C, ±3°C/5.4 (measured in an environment of 18~28°C)
Infrared Image Resolution: 33*33 (1089 pixels)
Display Resolution: 240*320 pixels
Visual Image Resolution: 300,000 pixels
Field Angle: 32*32 degrees
Minimum Focal Length: 0.5m
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.15°C/0.27

Emissivity: 0.1~1.0 adjustable
Image Capture Frequency: 9Hz
Wavelength Range: 8~14um
Focus Mode: Fixed
Palette: Ink color, black and white, rainbow color, ocean blue, iron red
File Format: BMP
Storage: 8GB memory card(NOT included)
Memory View: Scroll all saved images and view them on the screen
Auto Power-off: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes
Working Temperature: -5~40°C / 23~104

Storage Temperature: -20~55°C / -4~131

Relative Humidity: 10~80%RH
Power Supply: 4 * LR6 AA battery(NOT included) or USB power supply
Item Size: 193 * 92 * 52mm / 7.60 * 3.62 * 2.05in
Item Weight: 279g / 9.86oz
Package Weight: 689g / 24.31oz
Package Size: 24.6 * 15.6 * 8cm / 9.69 * 6.14 * 3.15in

Package List:

1 * Thermometer
1 * Card Reader
1 * USB Cable
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Manual (English)

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