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5kv megger insulation resistance tester

UA60E 5KV Professional Insulation Resistance meter Digital Megger Tester

UA60E+ Professional Insulation Resistance Tester

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Professional insulation resistance tester

  • Voltage test: 2500/5000V

  • Short-circuit current: <4mA

Technical indicatorsRangeBasic accuracy
Output voltage2500/5000V±10%
Short-circuit current<4mA
Insulation resistance 2500V2GΩ: 0.05-1.999GΩ
20GΩ: 0.5-19.99GΩ
200GΩ: 5-199.9GΩ
±(5% ±5)
Insulation resistance 5000V2GΩ: 0.05-1.999GΩ
20GΩ: 0.5-19.99GΩ
200GΩ: 5-199.9GΩ
±(5% ±5)
Voltage test750V/AC±(1% +6)
Jack locationinsulation resistance: LE  
750V/AC: ACV/G
750V/AC: ACV/G

750V AC voltage test
Low battery display
Warning symbolred light
Overload protection
Icon display
Automatic turn off
Maximum display1999
Relative temperature0 to 40°C
RH30-85% RH
Over-range symbolhighest display “1”
Weightabout 720g (including batteries)
Power5# battery LR6 (1.5) x 6



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