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FKM7830D infrared thermometer

Hot sale -50 to 550C FKM FKM7830D Industrial High Temperature Meter Digital Infrared Pyrometer

Hot sale -50 to 550C FKM FKM7830D Industrial High Temperature Meter Digital Infrared Pyrometer

Product Description

  • [Upgraded 12-point Laser for Higher Accuracy] Unlike other single-point thermometers, the FKM infrared thermometer is designed with a 12-point laser to measure the temperature with higher accuracy. With adjustable emissivity (0.1~1.0), this infrared thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of various surfaces while maintaining consistent accuracy.

  • [Fast Non-contact Measurement] The distance-to-spot ratio of this temperature gun is 12:1, which can accurately measure targets at distance, ensuring safety when measuring dangerous objects. For the best accuracy, the object to be measured should be larger than the laser points. Just pull the trigger and release it, and you will get the temperature reading. So simple!

  • [Easy to Read] This FKM laser temperature gun is equipped with a color LCD screen with bright and clear features, you can easily read the temperatures to work in low to light or no-light conditions. In addition, this laser temperature gun supports high and low temperature alarms. °F/ °C can be changed with just one click.

  • [Versatile Thermometer] The measuring range of this infrared thermometer is from -58°F to 1112°F (-50°C ~ 600°C), suitable for all daily use. The FKM infrared thermometer is a perfect tool for checking the heat of your oven or griddle, so that there is no more guesswork while cooking. You can also use it for troubleshooting HVAC projects, car engines, etc.

  • [Long Battery] This FKM infrared thermometer gun comes with a battery and its LCD screen turns off automatically to maintain long battery life. When the low battery indicator lights up, please replace it with a new 6F22 9V battery. Note: This temp gun thermometer is NOT suitable for human body/internal temperature use, it only measures the surface temperature of an object or liquid.








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