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Smart digital multimeter manual

True-RMS Digital multimeter Button 9999 Counts With Analog Bar Graph AC/DC Voltage Ammeter Current Ohm Auto/Manual 

Please Note you have to reading the operate manual first before use,otherwise you will burn the device with wrong operat.


 Brand Name Model Number UA9988
 Display (LCD) Ranging  Auto/Manual
 Material  Update Rate  3 Times/Second
 Ture RMS Data Hold YES
 Relative Value Measurement Low Battery Indication YES
 Backlight Auto Power Off YES
 Operating   0~40°C

 Storage   -20~60°C

 Funtion   Range  Accuracy
 DC voltage (V)  999.9mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V ±(0.5%+3)
 DC voltage (mV)   9.999mV /99.99mV  ±(0.5%+3)
 AC voltage (V) 999.9mV/9.999V/99.99V/750.0V ±(1.0%+3)
 AC voltage (mV)  9.999mV /99.99mV   ±(1.0%+3)
 DC Current (mA&A) 999.9mA/9.999A ±(1.0%+3)
 DC Current (A) 9999A ±(0.8%+3)
 AC Current (mA&A) 999.9mA/9.999A ±(1.0%+3)
 AC Current(A) 9999A ±(1.0%+3)
 Resistance   99.99 ±(1.0%+3)
 Resistance   999.9 /9.999k /99.99k /999.9k / ±(0.5%+3)
 Resistance   9.999M ±(1.5%+3)
 Resistance   99.99M ±(3.0%+5)
 Capacitor     9.999nF ±(5.0%+20)
 Capacitor    99.99nF /999.9nF /9.999F /99.99F /999.9F ±(2.0%+5)
 Capacitor   9.999mF ±(5.0%+5)
 Frequency  99.99Hz /999.9Hz /9.999kHz /99.99kHz /999.9kHz /2.000MHz ±(0.1%+2)
 Duty cycle  1%~99% ±(0.1%+2)
  Diode   :YES Continuity   :YES NCV  :YES
 Temperature  (-20~1000)° /(-4~1832)° ±(2.5%+5)
 Power 2 * 1.5V AA batteries (Not Included)
 Sample Rate  3 times per second 


Packaging content:

1 x Multimeter 

1 x Test lead+temperature sensor 

1 x User Manual 

1 x Storage bag 



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