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ua6234p digital tachometer

This tachometer has wide range of applications, such as measuring rotating speed of machine, motors, wheels, lathe for metal or wood cutting work, etc. Features: 1.Non-contact handheld digital tachometer with stable performance. 2.Automatic and manual measurement modes for selection. 3.Wide measuring range(2.5 to 99999 RPM) and high resolution.

2.5-99999 Contact Non-contact RPM Meter Speedometer Digital Tachometer


 Key Specifications/Special Features:

  1. Display: 5-digit screen, width of 16mm

  2. Test range:

    1. Contact tachometer: 0.5-19999RPM/minute

    2. Hand tachometer: 2.5-99999RPM/minute

  3. Basic accuracy: ±(0.05%+1)

Basic functionUA6236P+
Resolution0.1RPM (2.5-99999RPM)
1RPM (over 1000RPM )
Simpling time1 second (over120RPM)
Range selectautomatic
Working currentmaximum 40mA
Storageautomatic max, min last value
Time base6MHz quartz crystal
Power(4x1.5V) the 5th battery
Sizeabout 130*72*37mm
Weigthabout 200g


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