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golf laser rangefinder UA900

Handheld Digital Distance Meter Golf range finders hunting laser distance meter finder telescope
(UA900D with angles measurement)

Handheld Digital Distance Meter Golf range finders hunting Laser distance meter finder telescope

600M 900M 1200M 1600M golf telescope laser rangefinder meter

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Range can be measured in 5-1600 meters in good condition
Ranging semiconductor laser ranging (it is harmless to the human eyes)
Range error + 1m
Ranging display mode LCD display in the visual field
Effective objective lens diameter 25mm
Coating multilayer coating
Exit pupil diameter 3.8mm
Exit pupil distance 12mm
Focus mode eyepiece focusing
Telescope rate 10x
In the real field of 1000 meter 100M
Location mode. Design into two modes (within in 50 meters /50 meters) display meters and code can adjustable
Power supply 3V (CR2 dry cell)
Product appearance red gray
Dimensions 40x105x75mm
Weight 180g
Accessories a host, English manual, professional telescope lens cloth, a protection host, battery



Do not open the range finder so that avoid have the potential to cause damage to you and instrument

Do not use hand to wipe the glass surface, please use professional telescope lens cloth brush cloth wipe

Outer surface wiped by soft cloth

Do not flip the battery

Should take out the battery in a long

Should be placed in dry place when you are not use it

Use it in temperature: -20 to +40°C

NOTE: Battery not included.


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