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UA9800B natural gas leak detector

Natural gas detectors used to be made use of only professionally, however, there are gas detectors available for use at home nowadays. Furthermore, apart from detecting a gas leak, gas detectors also help to pinpoint the exact location of the leak making it easy for you to identify and fix with immediate effect.

UA9800B natural gas leak detector

Test gas:  natural gas, gas, gas and other combustible gas   

Gas measurement range:  0~100%LEL   

Measurement error:  ±5%LEL   

Resolution:  1%   

Preheating time:  <120 seconds   

Response time:  <10 seconds   

Environmental temperature measurement: -10 ~ 50   

Alarm mode: sound alarm, light alarm, vibration alarm   

Alarm: low concentration of 10% warning lights flashing yellow

 High concentration 20% alarm lights red and yellow flashing  

Continuous working time:  6 hours (with a slight change in the working state)   


Audio tip:  the higher the frequency of the beep sound, the higher the concentration is.   

Product size: 120*65*25mm   

Product packaging: color box   

Product weight: 216g   

Single package weight: 415G   

Carton size: 36 X 30.5 X 50.5CM   

Packing quantity: 30PCS







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