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ua971 mini multimeter

UYIGAO UA971 LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Multimeter Temperature Diode Tester with Temperature Measurement

Features :

This instrument can be used to measuring DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current and resistance.

Digital display, reading accuracy and speediness.

Stable performance, lower power consumption, higher reliability and safety.

With Temperature measurement function


Specification :

DC voltage: 200mV-2V - 20V - 200V - 600V

AC voltage: 200 - 600V

DC current: 2mA - 20mA - 200mA-10A

Resistance: 200ohm - 2k ohm - 20k ohm - 200k ohm- 2M ohm

Overload Protection:Yes

Diode test: Yes

Max. display: 1999

Battery: 9V  battery, 6F22 or NEDA 1602 ( Not included )

Product Size(L x W x H):  150x 74 x 43mm 
Operating Temp:0 to 40

Storage Temp:-10 to 50

Measuring Temp:-20 to 1000


Package Includes :

1 x Digital multimeter

1 x User Manual

1 x Test Lead Probe

1 x Cable


Details Pictures :









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