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ua3268a mini ac clamp meter

UYIGAO™ 600A T-RMS AC Clamp Meter is designed for professional technicians and electricians who need a fast responding clamp meter. This professional T-RMS AC clamp meter provides a complete range of measuring functions for both HVAC and electrical applications.

UA3268A mini type digital clamp meter

  • Product overview:

  • UA3268A is a stable, safe and reliable 3 ½ digit clamp meter

  • Full range of overload protection circuit, unique design makes it the superior performance of special electrical instruments

  • Smelting, manufacturing, petroleum, electric power, chemical and other industries ideal tool maintenance/repair

FunctionRangeBasic Precision
DC voltage600V ± (1.0%+3)
AC voltage600V± (1.5%+5)
AC current2A
± (3%+10)
± (2.5%+5)
± (2.5%+5)
± (2.5%+8)
± (1.2%+3)
Special features

On-off buzzer V
Diode test V
Data holdV
Auto power offX
Low battery display<2.7V
Input impedance≥10MΩ
Maximum display 1999
LCD size24.3x34.6mm
Clamp opening size28mm
Features description

Product weight 160g
Product size 185 * 25*51 mm
Body colorSteel gray and red
Standard accessoriesTest leads, battery, AAA 1.5V Battery
Standard packageColor box, manuals







UA3268A Portable Handheld Digital Clamp Meter multimeter Current Voltage Resistance Test

  • The instrument of this series is a small handheld professional digital clamp meter used to measure AC current, DC voltage, resistance, AC voltage.

  • Adopt LCD backlit display, convenient to read data in the dark.

  • Compact size and light weight, suitable for narrow space. Stable and reliable performance.

  • The fine structure design of the jaw makes the measuring repeatability good.

  • Designed for electrical users, especially suitable for routine inspection/maintenance of equipment.

Safety level: CAI III 1000V
Accreditation and standards: IEC-61010-1
Measuring function: AC current, DC voltage, resistance, AC voltage
Automatic range: yes
On - off buzzer test: yes
Diode test: yes
Data retention: yes
Automatic shutdown: yes
DC voltage range: 600V
AC voltage range: 600V
DC current range: no
AC current range: 600A
Capacitance range: no
Maximum display: 1999
Battery type: 2*1.5V AAA battery (NOT included)
Dc voltage: 600V, (1.0%+5)
Ac voltage: 600V, (1.5%+5)
Ac current: 21/20a /200A/600A, (2.5%+5)
Resistance: 2KQ/2000KQ, (1.0%+4)
Range: manual
Backlight function: white
Low voltage display: < 2.4V
Polarity measurement: automatic
Measuring speed: 2~3 times/s
Opening size of clamp head: 28mm
Wire size under test: maximum 26mm (diameter)
LCD size: 24.3 * 34.6mm / 1 * 1.4in
Product Size: 185 * 51 * 25mm / 7.3 * 2 * 1in

Package List:
1* Digital Clamp Meter 
1* Instructions
2* Test Pen
1* Cloth Bag


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