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UA962 light meter

Digital Light Meter Luxmeter Lux FC Meters Luminometer Photometer Tester

Digital Luxmeter Lux light meter for photography Photometer Mini spectrometer spectrophotometer Luminometer


Display:4 digits color LCD display

Measuring range:0 Lux~200K Lux, 0Fc~20KFc

Resolution:<1000 : 0.1 ; >1000:1

Spectral response: CIE photopic(CIE human eye response curve)

Over range indication: LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-"

Spectral accuracy: CIE Vλ function (f1’≤ 6%, f2’≤ 2%)

Accuracy:±3% rdg±8 d (<10,000Lux),±4% rdg±10d (>10,000Lux)

Sampling rate:500ms

Photo detector: Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter

Battery life: at least 60 hours

Operating conditions: Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~90RH%

Storage conditions: Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~75 RH%

Power supply:3*1.5V “AAA” batteries

High-precision design: The digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting in an area, High Accuracy, fast response and stable reading.

Dual Display: 4-bit color LCD display, easy to read the measurement, LUX/FC unit can switch freely select, data retention function, data automatically recorded.

Portable Design: One-handed operation ergonomic design, This pocket size design makes it easy to carry, no matter where you are.

Low battery indication: Built-in low battery level indication, enable / disable automatic shutdown, over range indication, low power consumption.

You only need one: Extensive use of digital photometer allows you to lighting in schools, offices, industry, warehouses, laboratories and other occasions.








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