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UA4106 ground resistance tester

Earth Ground Resistance Tester Meters Two Three Wire Digital earth resistance tester 3000 ohm for electrical equipment rechargeable lithium battery ground resistance measurement.

9999 counts 1.5% Accuracy Test voltage 3700V 3 & 4 Pole Digital Earth Resistance clamp meter

 Key Specifications/Special Features:

I. Introduction:
UA4106 digital earth-resistance tester is specially designed and manufactured for field measurement, adopting the latest digital and micro-processing technology, 3-pole or 2-pole method for earth resistance measurement, with a unique function of wire resistance verification, anti-interference capability and the ability to adapt to the environment, to ensure high precision, high stability and reliability for prolonged measure, which is widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection, industrial electrical equipment and other earth ground resistance measurement.
1. Base conditions: 23 to ±5°C under75%RH (Auxiliary earth ground-resistance 100Ω±5%, voltage to ground <10v)
2. Functions: earth ground-resistance measurement, voltage to ground  measurement, low value-resistance measurement
3.Power supply: 6V DC/1.5V, LR14 battery
4.Backlight: controllable grey white screen backlight, suitable for use in dark place
5.LCD size: 108x65mm
6.Measure wire length: 3wires: red 15m, yellow 10m, green 5m
7.Simple measure wire: 2wires: red 1.5m, green 1.5m
8.Auxiliary earthling rod: 2 pieces
9.Measuring rate: to ground voltage:2times/second to earth resistance:5second/time
10.Measuring times: over 5000 times
11.Circuit voltage: measuring voltage to ground: below 600V AC
12.USB interface: with USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can upload computer, save/print
13. Pressure: 3700V AC/RMS (between circuit and housing)
14.Electromagnetic features: IEC61010-4-3, wireless frequency electromagnetic field ≤1V/m
15. Suitable safety: IEC61010-1, IEC61010-2-31, IEC61557, IEC60529 (IP54)
Pollution level 2, Cat III 300V

Measuring functionsMeasuring rangeAccuracyResolution
Earth Ground Resistance0.01-30Ω±1.5%RDG ±5DGT
 (Auxiliary earth ground-resistance 100Ω±5%,voltage to ground<10V)

30.1-300Ω±1.5%RDG ±5DGT
 (auxiliary earth ground resistance 100Ω±5%,voltage to ground<10V)

301-3000Ω±1.5%RDG ±5DGT
 (Auxiliary earth ground resistance 100Ω±5%,voltage to ground<10V)
Earth ground voltage0-10.00V AC±1.5%RDG±3DGT0.01V




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