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digital multimeter dt9205a

The DT9205A multimeter offers you several amplitudes of measurement with which to test electrical components for voltage, resistance or continuity. You can measure several different magnitudes of these quantities by adjusting the dial on the surface of the multimeter. The two most common uses for a multimeter are to test voltage and resistance.

Best price digital multimeter dt9205a


UA9205N large screen digital multimeter multi-range automatic

shutdown Value practical.

UA9205N digital multimeter is an easy to operate, accurate readings,

full-featured, compact, easy to carry, use battery-powered handheld

large screen LCD multimeter, UA9205N digital multimeter for three and

a half, the table can be used to measure DC voltage / current,

AC voltage / current, resistance, capacitance test, diode test,

transistor HFE measurement and circuit off. For engineering design,

laboratory, pilot production, factory affairs, field operations and industrial

maintenance use.

--Full-featured the wrong stalls as well as over-range protection.

--Anti-burn performance better automatic shutdown function.

--COMS integrated circuit, the principle of double integral A / D conversion.

--Automatic zero, auto-polarity selection.

--Parameter indicators.

--Power: 1 x 9V neda1604 or 6F22 Battery (Not include)

Large screen display Multi function Digital Universal meter Professional Multimeter

 Products overview:

  • Full protection function, high voltage ignition circuit design

  • New shockproof, streamlined design, comfortable feel

  • Large screen display

  • Strong anti-jamming capability

General characteristics:

Basic functionRangeAccuracy
DC voltage
AC voltage
DC current
AC current
2mA /20mA/200mA/20A


/2MΩ/20MΩ/200 MΩ

Special function

Diode test
Triode testing

Logic level test
Continuity buzzer

Low battery display
Data hold
Auto power off

Function protection
Anti-vibration protection
Input impedance for DCV10MΩ
Sample frequency60Hz
OperationManual range
Maximum display1999
Display size63x32mm
Power9V battery (6F22)

 -Dimension: 185*90*35mm
-Weight: approx.300g



Package Contents :

1 x Digital Multimeter

2 x Leads

1 x User Manual

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